Moving to Katrinebjerg

The relocation group has been in the process for a while and has now come so far that we are going to start packing down 3 sections from Navitas (NAV) to Katrinebjerg (KB) – buildings 5126, 5128 and 5132.

The MEMA section will be assembled on the 3rd floor of Navitas.

If you have any questions about the following - please contact the relocation group


Schedule of FLEN, DEMA, MEDY and MEMA sections:

It has now been agreed that the move itself will take place in week 29 (18-22 July). This means that:

  • On Friday, July 15, you must have pre-packed the items that need to be moved and labeled on moving boxes and furniture.
  • You are responsible for packing and unpacking your own office.
  • If you are done packing befores this date you must write Helle and Johannes so that Facility Management can start making the office ready for the new users.
  • Monitor/PC is to be packed in open boxes and not wrapped in plastic.
  • The moving company then has the following week (from Monday 18 July to Friday 22 July) to physically move it all. This week, therefore, one cannot work in the office.
  • On Monday 25 July, we can use KB buildings 5126, 5128 and 5132 and the 3rd floor of NAV.


Christian Perti is chairman of the Laboratory Working Group.

As of June 27 2022 the moving time line for the individual laboratories looks as this:


Expected move weeks 26 and 27.

Robot lab

Packing will be done july 4-11. Final move date is outstanding.


Packing takes place on June 28 – July 1. Final move date is outstanding.

Instrument depot

Relocation is done after study start. Shelves have yet to be purchased.

Termo Fluids lab 1

Relocation from Skejby takes place after 20 August, there is also the possibility of postponing until after study start.

Termo Fluids lab 2

Interior design is done continuously after the start of studies.

It is the laboratory manager who must pack up their own laboratory.

If you have special needs in relation to the movement of heavy/fragile equipment, Christian or the Secretariat can put the laboratory manager in touch with the moving company.

Practical information

All whiteboards and wall-hung shelves/shelving

Do not dismantle/move whiteboards or wall-hung shelving at Navitas. Whiteboards will be made available at Katrinebjerg.

At Katrinebjerg there will be a process with Facility Management where you decide where you want your whiteboard and/or shelving.

Moving boxes etc

The mover has a package instruction (attached). Please read through this and follow. It is important that the moving boxes do not become too heavy.

  • Moving boxes, bubble wrap and labels can be picked up from Monday 23. of May in room 03.072. In the room there will be floor plans of which building and room you will be sitting in.
  • Labels: All buildings and floors have their own color. Look at the floor plan where you are going to sit. You must write your own new building no., office no. and initials on. It is important that labels are put on what needs to be moved. On each box, 1 label should be put on the sides where there are handles (the moving company does not move anything that is not labeled).

Paper container: on the 3rd, 4th + 5th floor will be put a container for paper waste.

Paper container: Paper containers will be placed here:

5th floor next to room 05.093

4th floor next to room 04.029

3rd floor next to room 03.072

Remember paper with sensitive information needs to be shredded – there is a shredder printer room 03.188 (right next to room 03.072)

Waste sorting compartments

Here you can hand over the following for discards: cardboard, furniture, metal, plastic and electronics.

  • 05.088
  • 04.189
  • 03.017

Addresses at Katrinebjerg

The official address of the department as of August 1 2022 is:

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Production, Katrinebjergvej 89G-F, 8200 Aarhus N.

Other addresses at Katrinebjerg

Building 5126: Finlandsgade 26, 8200 Aarhus N

Building 5128: Finlandsgade 30, 8200 Aarhus N

Building 5132: Katrinebjergvej 89G-F, 8200 Aarhus N

Building 5367: Finlandsgade 27C, 8200 Aarhus N (workshop)

Bygning 5420: Møllevangs Allé 142, (StartUp Factory, room 240/236 + 234)

Find your way to Campus Katrinebjerg


You can park on vacant spot. It is currently not necessary to register your car in AU's parking registration system.

Keys and access cards

Your access card gives access to the outer doors at Katrinebjerg from Monday 11 July 2022.

From June 29 - July 8 2022 you can pick up the key to your office at Katrinebjerg by contacting the MPE Secretariat in room 03.090 at Navitas. You must bring a completed Key Receipt Template.

From July 11 - July 29 2022 you can pick up your key in building 5346, room 040 at Facaility Management at Katrinebjerg.  You must bring a completed Key Receipt Template.

From August 1 2022, you can collect your key from the MPE Secretariat at Katrinebjerg in building 5128, room 234. You must bring a completed Key Receipt Template.

Please fill out and bring this form, when you pick up your key to Katrinebjerg


You can park on a vacant spot. For the buildings 5126-5132 it is currently not necessary to register your car in AU's parking registration system at Katrinebjerg. In other parking areas at Katrinebjerg it is necessary to register you vehicle in the AU Digital Parking (

Follow the link and click “Register your car” on the right hand side, and – if you are not automatically forwarded to ParkCare – follow this guide:

  • Enter your username - au[auid] (eg. and your password (the same password you use to log in to your computer).
  • Enter the registration number of your car and click “save”.
  • You will receive an email confirming that you have registered your car correctly.
  • At any given time you can log in again and see and change your registration.

You can register up to 2 cars – but do be advised that both cars cannot be parked at an AU employee parking spot at the same time. Please also be aware of the signs where you park.

The employee parking is for work purpose only and it is not permitted to use AU employee parking for long term parking.

The buildings opening hours

The front door in 5126 is open between 07.00-16.00. There are 2 other doors into 5126 which are open between 07.30-16.00

The front door in 5128 is open between 07.30-16.00

The doors to 5132 are open between 07.30-16.00

Outside the mentioned periods, the doors will open with your access card.

IT access and Wi-Fi

There is Wi-Fi in all the buildings – even during the summer holidays.

Cabled internet access will be established as of 18/7. You have to use the office’s cable input with green marking.

If you have problems with the wired access, you can contact Helle Elbæk ( in the secretariat in 5128, room 234.

Alternatively, NAT-TECH IT support can be contacted here.

Office supplies

You can find office supplies in the following premises:

  • 5128, room 228
  • 5132, room 113
  • 5132, room 130

Mail room and parcels

The mailroom at Katrinebjerg is located here:

  • 5132, room 113

When you specify the shipping address for a vendor, you must use the text below. It is important that you inform the vendor/shipping company that the parcel can be delivered in the mail room.

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Production, Aarhus University, Katrinebjergvej 89G-F, 8200 Aarhus, Building 5132, room 113

Att. [Your name]

The parcel must be placed in the mail room in building 5121, room 113  


The printer rooms for employees at Katrinebjerg are located here:

  • 5128, room 228
  • 5132, room 130

Employee kitchens

Employee kitchens will be equipped with cutlery etc. and coffee machines in early August. Bring your own coffee just in case you start work in July.


Staff members are responsible for emptying waste bins or bags in the offices Residual waste is emptied into the waste bins in the staff kitchens. You can either have a trash can with a bag in it or use garbage bags, which can be placed on he edge of the table. Bags are currently available in employee kitchens.