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2021.05.10 | Staff

Information regarding the 4-year rule for IT equipment

IT has informed that due to the current problems with the delivery of IT equipment, the 4- year rule for replacing computers, which has been required so far, is not enforced. We must keep our IT equipment until it breaks, and we will therefore not be asked to replace anything due to age.

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2021.05.05 | Staff

Transition to cloud and user fees for small IT solutions

The senior management team has decided that, from now on, AU will generally establish new IT services in the cloud.

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2021.04.28 | Staff

Nat and Tech will not be relocating to Kasernen after all

The planned relocation of a variety of academic activities as well as the joint Nat-Tech administrative centre to Kasernen i Aarhus will not take place. The plan is not financially viable. Arts is now reviewing its plan with regard to Katrinebjerg, where the faculty was intending to consolidate some of its activities.


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