Principles for the usage of the MPE laboratories

  • The laboratories belong to the department. The laboratories and their equipment do not belong to a particular section/researcher/ lecturer regardless of how the equipment is financed. However, it comes naturally that some sections and employees use some laboratories more than others do.
  • The laboratories are dynamic, just like the responsibility for the management might be, and the laboratories' functions might develop with time as the sections' needs and possibilities develop.


If you or your students need access to a laboratory, you need to contact the laboratory manager and request access. You can find an overview of the laboratory manager below. When the laboratory manager approves, you have to send an e-mail to Helle ( and Miriam ( in the secretariat with the laboratory manager CC and inform them of the information below:

  • For individuals:
    • Name of the person who needs access
    • AU-ID or student number
    • Name of laboratory
    • Beginning and end date for the access
  • For classes:
    • UVA number
    • Name of laboratory
    • Start and end date for the access

Hereafter, Helle or Miriam will give access to the laboratory and send you an e-mail when access has been given.

Overview of the laboratories and the laboratory managers

Acticity no. Laboratory Building Room  Laboratory manager
82010 Makerspace 5132 017 Mikkel bo
(assist. Camilla Olesen)
82015 SLA Print farm 5132 016 Mikkel bo
(assist. Camilla Olesen)
82020 Print farm (FMD) 5132 013 Mikkel Bo
(assist. Camilla Olesen)
82025 Instrument storage 5132 015
Thomas Greve
82030 Project storage 5132 012A Claus Melvad
82035 Mechatronics 5128 114
Claus Melvad
82040 Fluid Lab MPE 5128 213 Jens Brusgaard Vestergaard
82045 Robotics Lab 5128 113 Rassoul Tabassian
82050 Dynamics Lab 5126 028 Ole Balling
Lab 1 5126 030 Christian Perti
82055 Educ. material storage 5126 034 Christian Perti 
82060 Materiale Lab 3210 00.086
Carsten Bloch
82065 Composit Lab 3210 00.103
Thomas Greve
82070 X-lab 3210 00.097 Henrik Roed Jensen
82075 Polymer Lab (Projekthal) 3210 00.034 Carsten Bloch
82080 LAMPS (Udstil lokale) 3210 1.081 Ahmad Madary
82085 Tribology Lab 3210 1.081 Narguess Nemati
82090 Deep Tech Lab Skejby 2330 100 Peter Lykke
82095 Herning Lab 8046 Lars Brandt

The laboratory manager's tasks

The laboratory manager must:

  • Have the entire department’s interests in mind when managing their responsibilities for the laboratory.
  • Take care of the day-to-day running of the laboratories such as the purchase of materials and maintenance of equipment.
  • Approve/reject requests for access to the lab.
  • Ensure a healthy and safe working environment in the laboratories.
  • Have knowledge of all the equipment in the laboratory and ensure that all equipment is registered.
  • Hire student assistants for the laboratory in dialogue with the laboratory coordinator and hereafter approval from the deputy head of department for education.
  • Have an overview of the student assistants' hours and approve their timesheets. 

The laboratory coordinator’s tasks

  • The laboratory ensures that the laboratories are used most efficiently and in the entire department’s interests.
  • The laboratory coordinator acts as an intermediary between the laboratories/laboratory responsible and the department management team.
  • The laboratory coordinator brings fundamental questions about the use of the laboratories to the department management team.
  • The laboratory coordinator advises the laboratory responsible on issues related to the usage of the laboratories.
  • The laboratory coordinator is a member of the department’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee (LAMU).
  • Procurement of laboratory equipment has to be coordinated with the laboratory coordinator to ensure capability and that we do not construct redundant functions.
  • Procurement of consumption materials for the laboratories have to be coordinated with the laboratory coordinator to ensure efficient procurement and usage of purchasing agreements
  • All laboratory teaching has to be coordinated with the laboratory coordinator to ensure optimal usage of the laboratories.
  • If the need for a new laboratory or new functions in an existing laboratory arises, you have to contact the laboratory coordinator to make a presentation in unison for the department management team.