Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering

Katrinebjergvej 89 G-F
8200 Aarhus N

Phone: +45 8715 0000

CVR/VAT number: 31 11 91 03
P number:
EAN number: 5798000433861
Place number: 6341

Department Management team

Anders Brandt

Head of Department, Professor

Devarajan Ramanujan

Head of Section Design and Manufacturing, Associate Professor

Martin Heide Jørgensen

Deputy Head of Department - Education, Professor (Docent)

Ramin Aghababaei

Head of section of Mechanics and Materials, associate professor

Mahdi Abkar

Head of section of Fluids and Energy, associate professor

Henrik Myhre Jensen

Deputy Head of Department - Research, Professor

Xuping Zhang

Head of section of Mechatronics and Dynamics, associate professo

Head of Prototype workshop and Deep Tech Hub

Peter Harling Lykke

Head of Workshops and laboratories

Department Secretariat

  • Conference Manager and events
  • Access cards and keys
  • Office plans and furniture
  • Guests and intern coordinator
  • Project rooms for students
  • Employer panel (secretary)
  • Employment of hourly-paid students
  • Brightspace
  • Managenment support for education
  • Study environment

Jon Søby

Secretariat Staff Member
  • Management support
  • Research Committee (coordinator)
  • LSU/LAMU (coordinator)
  • Workzone super user
  • Web - staff portal
  • Permanent- and temporary employments
  • Emply support
  • Management support
  • Workzone 

Miriam Nørsøller

Secretariat Staff Member
  • PhD committee (secretary)
  • MitHR: Holiday and absence
  • The staff portal
  • Department cars and bicycles
  • Procurement of office supplies and IT
  • Registration in Pure
  • Coffee/tea and other orders
  • Distribution of packages and letters
  • Miscellaneous practical and administrative tasks
  • Events
  • Department cars and bicycles
  • Parking
  • Registration of absence
  • Office supplies

Economy and salary


Gitte Møbjerg Hansen

Payroll Staff Member


Martin Pedersen

Payroll Staff Member

Research support

Communication and press

Heidi Søndergaard

Communications Partner
  • Typo3 support
  • Web pages
  • Graphics and layout  

Kim Harel

Senior consultant
  • Press
  • Marketing
  • Research dissemination
  • Press
  • Marketing
  • Research dissemination

HR and PhD partners