The secretariat’s aim is to deliver administrative support to students, employees and management so that they have the time and resources to focus their work on the main tasks of the institute: Education and research.

The secretariat towards its aim

-       by establishing and maintaining an efficient administrative framework and

-       by executing the majority of the administrative and practical tasks within the scope.

Because the secretariat is the students’ and the employees' first meeting with the university's overall administration, the secretariat is obliged to seek insight into and understanding of the university's other administrative units, partly to be able to contribute to effective cross-functional collaboration and task solving, and partly to be able to help the department's students and employees as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Department Secretariat

  • Conference Manager and events
  • Access cards and keys
  • Office plans and furniture
  • Guests and intern coordinator
  • Project rooms for students
  • Employer panel (secretary)
  • Employment of hourly-paid students
  • Brightspace
  • Managenment support for education
  • Study environment

Jon Søby

Secretariat Staff Member
  • Management support
  • Research Committee (coordinator)
  • LSU/LAMU (coordinator)
  • Workzone super user
  • Web - staff portal
  • Permanent- and temporary employments
  • Emply support
  • Management support
  • Workzone 

Miriam Nørsøller

Secretariat Staff Member
  • PhD committee (secretary)
  • MitHR: Holiday and absence
  • The staff portal
  • Department cars and bicycles
  • Procurement of office supplies and IT
  • Registration in Pure
  • Coffee/tea and other orders
  • Distribution of packages and letters
  • Miscellaneous practical and administrative tasks
  • Events
  • Department cars and bicycles
  • Parking
  • Registration of absence
  • Office supplies